Lars Mélotte — Heemhorst

Facing a problem is never fun, but solving a problem is the best

05 January 2023

Lars Mélotte (26) is a Mechanical Engineer. Via Yes, he has now been working for a year and a half at Heemhorst, a company that specializes in the development of machines and installations for the storage, transport and processing of bulk materials. We asked Lars himself what exactly these machines are, just like how his relationship with Yes is, what his daily activities are and what development he has made so far.

After my first job as an engineer, I was looking for something new. Via-via I had already heard of Yes and coincidentally they already contacted me. The conversations immediately felt good and so I was able to start working at Heemhorst in Nieuwleusen very quickly. Here we make bulk handling machines for the animal industry. Machines to make animal feed. Feed for cattle and horses, for example.

I mainly draw machines and work them out so that they can be put into production, but nowadays I also place orders for parts and measure machines myself, to check whether they really fit in the way we envision it. I was able to take those steps pretty quickly here.

“I really enjoy taking steps in my development”

I started as an engineer, so you mainly draw and it is important to get to know the drawing package and the products. After a while I indicated that I had the ambition to grow into Lead Engineer. In that role you get more responsibility and you can also do more of your own projects. In the meantime I have already been able to do a handful of small projects as a Lead Engineer, so that is very nice.

I also really enjoy taking those steps in my development. Sometimes I still have the feeling that I don’t know the product enough to really make independent decisions, but my colleagues help me with that. I’m being guided very well here and that’s why I really see myself making progress. I work more and more independently and notice that I can take on bigger and bigger projects.

“I can immediately use the soft skills I learn in practice”

Yes also helps me a lot with that. Once a quarter, Peter, my regular contact person at Yes, visits here. We discuss with the client how everything is going. We evaluate my work and see if we can do more for each other, for example in supervision or training. That’s very nice. This is how you keep developing each other.

An important part of that development for me was following the Smart Skills Program. That is a development program from Yes, in which you mainly improve your soft skills. That is also necessary, as a Lead Engineer, for example, you will have to deal more with suppliers and project leaders. Then those smart and soft skills come in very handy. You have to know and learn where your place is, clearly indicate your boundaries. I learned that in the Smart Skills Program and I can therefore immediately put it into practice, which is very valuable.

“From the first moment I felt confident” “That feeling with Yes is very good at all. ”

If you are seconded via Yes, you also immediately receive a contract for an indefinite period, and there is also a training program to brush up on those soft skills. That really appealed to me. I’m still young and can still learn a lot, so I think it’s great that I’m getting this opportunity here. And it’s also nice to hear from fellow Yessers during that program for work they do. We can all learn something from each other, which is nice to see.

In the end, I am still learning every day. Running into a problem is never fun, but solving it is the most fun. If I succeeded, I had another good day. I am quite proud of my development and the growth I have experienced here, for example by being able to do a large project independently. Eventually I want to grow even further to Project Leader. Then you are more in contact with the customer and technicians on site, but you still have to be able to provide technical support. For me everything comes together there, so that’s something nice to look forward to.

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