Susanne van de Kop and Anne van de Ven — Rademaker

Yes understands our area of expertise, that is essential in our complex field of work!

05 January 2023

At Yes we have been working with Rademaker from Culemborg for a long time. To celebrate this collaboration, we asked Susanne van de Kop and Anne van de Ven of the HR department what they encounter when it comes to finding tech professionals in the manufacturing industry and how Yes makes a difference for Rademaker.

Anne: ‘At Rademaker we make machines for the food industry, in particular for industrial bakeries. From design to production and installation, we do it all. Our machines are used, for example, to make the croissants, tompouce or pizza bases that you find in the supermarket.’

Susanne: ‘We used to be purely a machine builder, but now we supply even more complete solutions. For example, we offer training for our customers and are working on multiple digital and automated services so that they can focus on their core business.

Anne: ‘In this way we are increasingly turning into a cooperation partner for our customers. And we are really more than the builder. We also employ test bakers who think along with the customer about how the end product can be as good as possible on a Rademaker machine line.’

“Yes has really boosted the awareness of foreign-language employees”

Susanne: Yes is located quite a distance from us. We are located in Culemborg and Yes in the northeast of the country. But there was a tech professional who wanted to move to Utrecht. Then Yes started looking for a suitable employer for him and contact between us started. From the first moment there was very pleasant and casual contact.

Anne: We also hired that boy. It was really a top match, we were very happy with him. So even though Yes doesn’t work in the same region as us, we still wanted to continue together.

Susanne: At first we focused on Dutch-speaking employees, but later we expanded that search to non-native speakers.

Yes helps convince us

Anne: Yes has really boosted the awareness of foreign-language employees within our organization. We expected that our employees would be a bit hesitant about this, but partly due to the enthusiasm of the people at Yes, we succeeded in convincing people and instilling sufficient confidence in the managers.

Susanne: We haven’t regretted that for a moment. The non-native speakers, they are South Africans, fit Rademaker perfectly. In addition, they are also very well assisted by Yes. In terms of housing, for example, or something like arranging a bicycle. As a result, their landing at our company is also much softer. Yes really does more than we expected from a secondment agency, they really make the difference by investing in that personal approach.

Anne: There is a very great commitment. The tech professionals that Yes seconds feel welcome and, in turn, show involvement. That’s nice to see.

“We will manage, but the target groups that we are looking for remain scarce”

Susanne: We only hire people for the long term. We have a complex product and are a technical company with increasingly difficult disciplines, so you have to invest a lot more in your employees.

Anne: That also means that you are looking for new people in very scarce target groups. We manage every time, also thanks to Yes. Fortunately, turnover within our organization is very low.

Susanne: If people have chosen Rademaker, they tend to stay with us. There is much to discover and we are constantly evolving. We renew our products and there are also opportunities for growth internally, because we are a growing organization. We also invest heavily in employee development. That vision is appreciated and we share that vision with Yes. We are very pleased to see that Yes has developed the Smart Skills Program, for example.

“They are primarily there for the tech professional, then for themselves”

Anne: Yes is just very human. You really feel that they are there for the tech professional first and then for themselves.

Susanne: And they try to think along with you. Yes has developed into a sparring partner for us throughout the entire integration process. That is in the interest of all of us. It also says enough that if Yes introduces someone to us, we would always invite them. We can blindly trust their screening. Every proposed candidate has so far resulted in an invitation.

Anne: Yes understands our field, which allows them to make the transition to secondment well. They are knowledgeable. We have to, because we work in a complex world that you need to know through and through to find the right match. And that is precisely where Yes excels.

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